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6 Best Gamo Air Rifle Scope Mounts of 2024


Mathew R Reed
November 1, 2022

The keys to a successful shooting experience are a solid firearm, good ammo, and a high-quality scope. Air rifle scopes are particularly important for long-range shooting and a combination of the best air rifle and riflescope is rendered futile without a set of reliable mounting bases. This calls for the need to use a scope mount. Scope mounts provide a sturdy scope attachment to your rifle.

All scope mounts aren’t universal, so you’ll need specific mounts for your Gamo air rifle. When you use a scope mount that fails to match your rifle’s mounting system or be offset by just a little, your aim will be completely thrown off which results in a miss. Failing to correctly hit your target not only results in loss of ammo but also makes the whole shooting activity less fun. If you are in the market for a quality scope mount for your Gamo air rifle, here are the best Gamo air rifle scope mounts.

Best Gamo Air Rifle Scope Mounts

1) Pinty 45-Degree Offset Angle Rail Mount 

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Pinty makes quality scopes for a wide range of shooters and their mounts are no different. Their 45-Degree Offset Angle Rail Mount is one of the best Gamo air rifle scope mounts. Specially made for Picatinny bases, this mount provides a strong overall grip and a sturdy hold over for your scope.

Being easy to install and take down, this is the ideal air rifle mount for every avid firearm owner, hunter, and home defense tactician. Crafted from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, this mount is extremely durable and sturdy. Its entire body is fully coated with a black anodized matte finish which provides reliable weatherproof and anti-corrosion performance. What’s more, is that this mounting equipment also features a revolutionary offset tactical design that provides easy access to air rifle accessories. Weighing about 0.1kg, this rail mount is tough enough for any air rifle, but lightweight as well so it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to your rifle. Also included are 3 Picatinny mounts.

Key Features

  • Super lightweight
  • 4 Slots 20mm Weaver Style
  • 3 Picatinny mounts included.
  • Quick and straightforward installation.
  • The tactical design provides easy accessories access.
  • Black anodized matte finish.
  • Sturdy and durable aerospace-grade aluminum construction.
  • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Advanced mounting versatility eliminates rifle scopes interference
  • For flashlights, laser sights, and red dot sights

2) FENTUK Picatinny Offset Rail Mounts

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With the FENTUK Picatinny Offset Rail Mounts, you get high quality and great value rail for your air rifle at a reasonably affordable cost. These offset rail mounts are strong enough for any optics and you can count on them to provide a great shooting experience. These low-profile rails are also super lightweight and they are designed to fit any 21mm standard Picatinny/ Weaver rails.

The 5-slot Picatinny rail allows for the attachment of a wide range of accessories including flashlights and red dot sights among others. Precision made from military strength aluminum and steel, this rail mount is extremely durable and sturdy enough to withstand anything thrown at it. It also features a black anodized matte finish which provides reliable weatherproof and anti-corrosion performance. For your own convenience, this rail mount is quick and easy to install and remove as well.

Key Features

  • Simple 2 built-in locking screws design.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Lightweight, low profile design.
  • Designed to fit any 21mm standard Picatinny/ Weaver rails.
  • Solid and durable construction.
  • Black anodized matte finish.
  • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant.
  • 45 degrees offset Picatinny rail mount.
  • Offset 5-slots Picatinny rails

3) Modkin 1” Dovetail Scope Rings 

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For quality scope rings, Modekin 1” Dovetail Scope Rings got you covered. Made to fit all .22 Airgun rails and some rifles as well, these rings provide one of the strongest and most stable air rifle accessories mounting platforms. Additionally, the rings fit most scopes whose main tube is either 1” or 25.4mm.

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, these rings are solid, sturdy, and very durable. A built-in tape inside prevents the rings from damaging the scope while at the same time holding the same scope in the accurate position. These rings provide reliable accuracy and repeatable alignment thanks to the 2 rail clamp screws and 4 scope clamp screws. One of the ring mounts has a removable stop pin that provides unshaken solid mounting on the rail. Each ring has a medium profile, is easy to install, and only weighs 3.5oz.

Key Features

  • Medium profile design.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Fits most scopes with a 1”/25/4 mm scope tube.
  • Stop pin for rock-solid application.
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion coating treatment.
  • The built-in tape keeps the scope in place and prevents exterior damage.
  • Sturdy and durable aircraft-grade aluminum construction.
  • Highly accurate and repeatable alignment.
  • Specialized scope mounts for .22/Air guns.

4) WOLTIS 45 degree Offset Rail Mount 

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You can easily attach any Gamo Air rifle accessory on this rail mount and use it to make your shooing experience better and more accurate. Sturdily built to last as long as your air rifle, this rail mount can be installed in 8 different clocking positions that suit your shooting needs making it one of the best Gamo air rifle scope mounts.

It solidly holds especially when placed at both a good angle and drop point. Weighing just 30g, this rail mount is tough enough for any air rifle, but lightweight as well so it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to your rifle. The low profile design fits with 20 mm standard Picatinny and Weaver rails, offering optimal placement of accessories such as scopes, laser sights, and red dot sights. This rail mount is crafted from heavy-duty aluminum for ultimate durability. For your own convenience, this rail mount is easy to install and remove as well.

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Snag-free great low profile.
  • Fits any 20 mm standard Picatinny and Weaver rail.
  • Precision CNC machined from heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Installed in one of the 8 different clock positions.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Great for mounting a multitude of accessories

5) VIAKEY MLOK Offset Rail Mounts

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Whether in the market for a new rail mount or an upgrade, look for VIAKEY MLOK Offset Rail Mount. This is a super solid, lightweight mount that provides a stable platform for attaching tactical accessories such as flashlights and optics. Made to be used on a wide range of air guns, this rail mount fits all offset MLOK Picatinny rail attachment mounting. The 3-slot and 5-slot offset rails provide a platform to mount extra accessories while the ergonomic offset angle design provides convenient accessories access to every shooter. Beginners and professionals alike. Made to last as long as your air rifle, these rail mounts are precision made of military-grade aluminum alloy and steel, so they are very durable. Moreover, a black anodized matte finish provides reliable weatherproof and anti-corrosion performance.

Key Features

  • Ambidextrous platform to mount different air rifle accessories.
  • 45 degrees offset design provides easy accessory access.
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum alloy construction.
  • Black matte anodized finish.
  • Super lightweight rail mount.
  • Low profile 3-slot, 5 slot rail mount.
  • Fits all offset MLOK Picatinny rails.
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals alike

6) Fyland 0.83” Picatinny Riser Mount 

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This Picatinny riser mount from Fyland is designed to lift your scope up and provide you with the best target views. Made to be directly mounted to a Picatinny/Weaver rail, this mount is ideal for mounting all sorts of scopes and mounts. It’s made from high-strength aluminum to enhance strength and durability.

A black anodized matte finish provides reliable weatherproof and anti-corrosion performance, so your rail can last as long as your rifle. Clever retention thumb nuts and locking plates make it easy to install and remove the mount, with no special tools needed. Weighing just 4.12oz, this riser mount is super lightweight and convenient for hunting. It doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to your rifle as well.

Key Features

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Extremely lightweight
  • High-profile riser mount base
  • Fits on all standard Picatinny/Weaver rails
  • 83” saddle height with see-through design
  • 8 slots for attaching different accessories
  • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Black anodized matte finish

Criteria for choosing the Best Gamo Air Rifle Scope Mounts


Pay attention to the type of materials used in making the scope mounts as it directly affects how durable it lasts. Low-quality air rifle scope mounts made of cheap and less sturdy materials will soon break. Avoid such rails at all costs. Instead, go for scope mounts made of high-quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum or high-strength steel. Such mounts not only last longer but also make cleaning and handling much simpler.

Ease of Use

Look for an air rifle scope mount designed to be easy to install and remove as well. The last thing you would want is a scope mount that takes you a lot of time to install when you should be actually using it. They are also quite convenient if you are engaged in a shooting activity that requires you to set up and remove the accessories multiple times. Such mounts are very convenient especially when hunting.

Clamp Diameter

Make sure that the cantilever mount has a clamping system that matches the diameter of your scope tube. What this means is that if you have a scope with a 30mm tube, the scope mounting system should be 30mm. The same thing applies if you have a 1” tube. Make sure that the scope and the mounting system are of the same size.


Just like buying any other product, price dictates the kind of air rifle scope mount that you are going to buy. All rifle users have their needs differ and so is the price of these scope mounts. While it’s highly recommended that you stick to your budget avoid cheap and low-quality scope mount. Such mounts end up causing you much more frustration than good. Better yet, most of these scope mounts are reasonably affordable, so no need to panic.

Personal Techniques

With a wide range of scope mounts to choose from, get the mounting system that suits your shooting style and skills. Don’t buy a  scope mount just because it looks cool on your rifle, but instead make your selection based on personal techniques. Start by looking at your personal competency.


Lastly, don’t forget about the brand. Buying a scope mount from a reputable brand will make you feel secure about the quality of that product. The more famous a brand is, the higher the credibility of its products is. Such brands also have high reliability, greater customer confidence and you can rest assured that any product you get from them will last you for a longer period of time.

Best Gamo Air Rifle Scope Mounts FAQs

What scope mount should I get?

Since there are no universal scope mounts, you’ll need to get a scope mounting system that works best for your scope. If you have a scope with a 30mm tube, the scope mounting system should be 30mm. If you want to add additional accessories to your air rifle, make sure that the scope mount you get offers extra slots to accommodate those accessories.

What is the ideal ring height?

The general rule of the thumb is that every scope should be mounted as low as possible without touching the barrel. 40mm scopes typically use low rings with standard contour barrels while Flattop rifles require super-high rings.

What are extension rings?

Extension rings are designed differently to allow you to customize the mounting distance between your rings. You might need to shorten the mounting distance when you want to mount a short scope on a firearm with a long receiver.


Finding the correct mounting system for your air rifle provides you with a better shooting experience. Make sure that the scope mount you choose to buy is easy to attach and detach for you to conveniently transport your scope or swap it out for a different scope attachment. What scope mount you choose is entirely up to you, so make your decision wisely.

Mathew R Reed

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