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Best Plano AR15 Rifle Case for Air Travel in 2024


Mathew R Reed
October 30, 2022

Rifle cases are typically made to provide protection to your valuable rifles during transportation or storage. They are meant to ensure that your rifle is fully protected from dust, rain, debris, sand, and damage regardless of the terrain or weather condition. They come in different brands, types, sizes, and prices.

Plano is one of the best brands when it comes to rifle cases. Let’s look at the best Plano rifle cases

Best Plano Rifle Case – Our Top Picks

Plano All Weather Rifle/Shotgun Case

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Available in different sizes(36/42/52 inches) this case is not only lightweight but also durable. The case features the strong and durable Spider Hub frame design for durability and long life. The outer shell is custom-woven and made of Durashell Plus with a matte finish.

The case has lots of room for magazines, accessories, and a sidearm. The central foam is perforated for customization to your preference. The all-weather gun cases work best if you are bow hunting, rifle hunting, or even crossbow hunting.

The cases are perfect for air travel thanks to the inbuilt pressure release valve which equalizes pressure resulting from changes in altitude or temperature and heavy-duty, dual-stage lockable latches.


  • Available in different sizes- 36/42/52 inches
  • All-weather gun cases
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • 52” case has wheels
  • Heavy-duty and dual-stage lockable latches
  • Airline Travel approved
  • Rugged and industrial-strong construction
  • Customization is made easy by the pre-perforated pluck foam interior

Plano Molding 200 Series Gun Guard Rifle Case

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The Plano Molding 200 Series Gun Guard Rifle Case is made from heavy-duty 600D for durability and strength, the case also features thick foam-padded sides for rifle protection.

The full-Length Zipper ensures the case contents are safe and secure even with bumps and dings. Packing and carrying are made easier by the wrap-around nylon web handles.


  • High-density foam
  • Heavy-duty 600D construction
  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Full-length zippers and wrap-around handles
  • Padded sides
  • Realtree XTRA

Plano Tactical Series Long Gun Case (36/42 inch)

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This rifle case is made for durability, access, and mobility making it one of the best Plano rifle cases for storage and transport

The case features internal lash-down mounts for the steady holding of guns and external strapping points for traveling purposes. The case is available as a 36 inch/42 inches which is large enough to transport two rifles/shotguns and accessories.

This case is a great option for rifles and shotguns thanks to its heavy-duty construction and durability. The padlock tabs add to the safety, the case also features an interlocking foam that keeps the firearm protected and in place.


  • Made of heavy-duty materials for durability
  • External utility strapping points
  • High-density interlocking foam
  • Snap-down latches
  • Padlock tabs for additional safety
  • internal and versatile lash down mounts
  • Makes mobility easy

Plano 10252 Double Scoped Rifle Case

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This Gun Guard DLX double scoped rifle case  fits two scope rifles and will effectively protect and transport them to and from the field.The gun case features an attractive alligator texture and full-length piano hinges.

Other features include fold-away handles,a protective aluminum valance, and  key-lock latches for safe storage.


  • Made in the USA
  • Accommodates two scoped rifles
  • Alligator texture
  • Full-length piano hinges
  • Foldaway handles
  • Dependable Key lock latches
  • Dimensions: 52.13″L x 14.5″W x 4.5″H

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Plano Rifle Case


Durability is really important in a case especially if you intend to expose it to all kinds of weather and rough terrain. Look for a rifle case that is ware proof, dustproof, crushproof, UV, and corrosion-resistant.


Look at whether the foam of your case is customizable, how much effort you need to open and close the case, and the available extra storage space. It is also pertinent to look at whether the case has wheels included and multiple handle locations. Some cases are made to only be carried. Others on the other hand can be pulled behind you making transportation easier.

Lock Eyelets

These are basically openings that allow you to place a padlock onto the case so that you secure the case. If you have children at home, it is crucial to lock up any firearms that you have to prevent unauthorized access. Some cases have only one set of eyelets for one lock. Others may have them at each latch enabling you to include multiple locks.


Look at the space that you actually need. Some cases can hold two rifles while others hold only one. The length of your rifle is also an important consideration to put in mind. Include the scope in your measurement if you want to store it on your gun in the case. The interior length of the case should be a bit longer than your measurement to make sure that there is some padding on each side of your weapon.


Plano rifle cases come in a wide range of prices. You do not have to break the bank so as to own one. Ensure that you choose a case that suits your budget remembering not to compromise on the quality.

Rifle Hard Case FAQs

Are Hard Cases Better than Their Soft Counterparts?

Not necessarily. Hard and soft rifle cases both have their advantages and disadvantages. None is better than the other. The best one depends on your specific needs.  For instance, hard cases are usually more durable and offer superior protection but are usually more expensive and heavy and bulky.

Do Rifle Cases Lock?

Most rifle cases cannot be locked on their own but usually include places where locks are designed to be put on them. This is particularly true for hard rifle cases but a soft rifle case is hard if not impossible to lock.


Plano Rifle cases are some of the best on the market. We hope you get one that perfectly meets your rifle needs from our review.

Mathew R Reed

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