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7 Best Budget Rifle Case under $100 of 2022


Mathew R Reed
October 30, 2022

Rifle cases are very important for any shooting enthusiast or anyone who owns a rifle. They provide protection to the rifle during transportation and storage. Investing in a rifle case is the only way you can be sure that your rifle stays durable and delivers excellent performance at all times.

Rifle cases not only store the rifle but also stores other hunting accessories such as scopes, magazines, and binoculars. Due to the fact that the market is flooded with so many cases, getting the best one under $100 can be challenging. Let’s make it easy for you with this review.

Best Rifle Case under $100 – Our Top Picks

Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Gun Case

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As one of the best rifle cases under 100, this case comes in different sizes to meet different rifle needs( 51″ x 12″,46”x12”,42”x12” and 36”x12”) . It is durable as it is made thanks to the heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC Nylon construction. The case accommodates two rifles and two pistols with extra pocket compartments which come in handy when you have additional gear that you need to carry.

In addition, the zipper sliders on both compartments of the firearm and are lockable. The case is also padded to maximize protection. The backpack straps make it easy to carry


  • Durable construction
  • Extra pocket compartments provide ample storage space
  • Lockable Zipper sliders
  • D-ring for easy attaching
  • Backpack straps for easy carrying
  • Paracord zipper
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Sizes; 51″ x 12″,46”x12”,42”x12” and 36”x12”
  • Available in different colors
  • Double Rifle Slots

Bulldog Pit Bull Rifle Case

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This Bulldog Pit Bull Rifle Case features an inner lining that is resistant to scratch and very good on your rifles. The rifle case is available in different sizes 40”,44”and 48”.The rifle case is padded hence withstands shocks and bumps when on the move or in case of drops and bangs.

In addition, the case is durable, dependable, and affordable.


  • Made of ballistic nylon
  • Scratch-resistant and soft inner lining
  • Water-resistant outer shell
  • Sizes 40”,44”and 48”
  • For Best Fit Deduct 2″ eg 40” for a 38” rifle
  • 1.5″ of total padding

NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case

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This case is made of high-density inner padding foam and tough PVC material for enhanced durability. It comes in an array of sizes(30”,36”,38”,40”,42”,46”.52′) to fit any rifle or shotgun.

The case also features exterior pockets for accessories such as magazines. The heavy-duty double zippers make it easy to open and close. The main compartment has two rows of ladder webbing for the hook and loop straps. The secondary compartment is equipped with metal zippers that are lockable with a padlock.


  • Made of durable PVC material
  • The recommended case should be +2″ longer than the rifle
  • Zippers are lockable
  • Padded Carry handles
  • Multiple Elastic pouches
  • Padded interior for superior protection
  • Six straps to secure your firearm
  • Sizes-30”,36”,38”,40”,42”,46”.52”

Tacticon Double Rifle Bag

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The Tacticon Double Rifle Bag comfortably holds 2 rifles and 2 pistols, a shooting pad, mags, and ammunition. The case is made from 600D PVC Nylon for durability. For security, it has metal zippers that are lockable and paracord pulls.

Additionally, the case has multiple storage compartments to store your accessories such as ammo, binoculars among others. Backpack straps can be zipped up and out of the way when not in use. Polymer D-rings are available for carabiner attachment. The shooting pad is ultra-padded and removable so that you do not lay in the dirt when in action.


  • Removable shooting pad
  • Backpack straps can be zipped up and out of the way easily
  • Made of 600D Cordura Nylon
  • Double-stitched
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Holds two rifles, 2 pistols, and the accessories
  • Polymer D-rings for carabiner attachment
  • Sizes-36”x12” and 42”x12”

Flambeau Outdoors Long Gun Storage Case

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This Flambeau Outdoors Gun Case is a perfect choice thanks to its lightweight design and rugged construction for ultimate protection and long life. Apart from the lightweight design the case also features a low-profile handle that provides a secure grip.

This gun case can hold one scoped rifle or shotgun. Additionally, it withstands wear and tear as it’s constructed with heavy-duty polymer. It also has 4 snap-tight lock hasps to ensure that your gun is always securely stored.


  • Made with heavy-duty polymer
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry
  • Accommodates one scoped rifle or shotgun
  • Low profile handle provides a secure grip and easy transportation
  • Secures your gun with the snap-tight lock hasps
  • Interior dimensions are 46.125″ L x 9.25″ W x 3.5″ D

M & P by Smith & Wesson Duty Series Gun Case

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This is a gun case is built to withstand all the wilderness thrown at it. It is made of a ballistic fabric for durability and handling the outdoors. This gun case is available as either small, medium, or large. The small case measures 34 inches has 3 magazine pouches, hook and loop flap closures, the Medium case is 40 inches with 4 magazine pouches while the large case is 45 inches with 4 magazine pouches.


  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Made of ballistic fabric for durability
  • Heavy-duty nylon handles
  • Adjustable nylon shoulder strap
  • Ease of use, easy access to rifles and accessories
  • Perfect for storing or transporting rifles

AUMTISC 41/45/59 Inch Rifle Case

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This is an affordable yet high-quality rifle case. Its made of rugged 600D PVC material that is water-resistant and dust resistant, The case is perfect for shooting, hunting, traveling, or other outdoor activities.

The case is equipped with an additional pocket where you can store accessories such as safety goggles and earmuffs. Using it is easy as the backpack shoulder strap is detachable.

The case has a heavy double zipper that is strong and sturdy and slides easily. It also has a dense foam padding that is resistant to abrasion.It’s also available in different sizes(44”,48” and 52”)


  • Adjustable Shoulder strap
  • Sizes(44”,48” and 52”)
  • Additional pockets to store accessories
  • Sturdy and shockproof
  • Water-resistant and dust resistant
  • The inner compartment is resistant to scratches
  • Heavy double zipper that is strong and sturdy
  • Heavy-duty tactical webbing on the shoulder straps
  • Hook and loop closure

Choosing the Best Rifle Case under 100


Ensure that you get the appropriate size for your rifle. Check the size of the rifle you intend to carry and the accessories that you may bring along. Some people prefer a double carry case to hold two rifles and accessories all in one pack. Most rifle case recommendations are 2 inches longer than the rifle.


A waterproof rifle case is pertinent if you intend to engage in outdoor activities where the weather is always unpredictable. When moisture gets into the case, it may lead to damage to the weapon. It is crucial to wipe dry all your gear before storing them as the case can lock in moisture and lead to corrosion.

Locks and Security

You obviously do not want anyone to tamper with or steal your valuable equipment. You, therefore, need a rifle case that is secure and one that keeps its content safe during transportation or storage. The latches should be secure and durable. The zipper should be lockable also.


A rifle case should be durable and able to withstand all the abuse and shocks associated with the outdoors. Hard cases are typically more durable than soft cases because they are made from solid polymer and other materials instead of soft fabric. Soft cases, on the other hand, will begin to fray before they fail and can be repaired with a bit of sewing skill. You still want to look out for double stitching and heavyweight fabric like nylon. Also, keep an eye on handles that wrap under the case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rifle Cases

Do I Need a Rifle Case?

Yes absolutely. A rifle case is essential as it ensures that you transport or store your rifle safely. It provides protection against any damage that may be brought about by elements or impact.

Can Rifle Cases be Used to Store Shotguns?

Yes, they can. However, it’s on the condition that the interior of the rifle hard case is not pre-cut. Ensure that the dimensions of the rifle case are large enough to fit another firearm before trying. Also, ensure that your firearm is tight and secure before stowing away.


Rifle cases are a necessary item for any rifle owner. They ensure that your precious rifle is kept safe and secure from any damage. Also, you do not have to break the bank to own a good rifle case. The rifle cases above are great options for you and they are affordable.

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