Carbine vs Rifle: What’s the Difference?

Carbine vs Rifle: What’s the Difference?


Mathew R Reed
August 29, 2021

In the realm of firearms used today, there are a lot of terms to get used to and some that get used interchangeably, making it hard to get a handle on what’s what.

The carbine vs rifle discussion is often a confusing one and these two types of guns can get mixed up with one another.

What’s the difference between a carbine and a rifle?

A rifle can be classed as a firearm that features a barrel more than 16 inches in length and with a shoulder stock, though this description can be too general in some cases.

A carbine is a shorter and specific type of semi-automatic rifle that features a barrel less than 20 inches and with the capacity to hold up to 30 rounds.

Determining the difference between these two firearms can be challenging, even if you’re looking at their official description.

To help you out, we’ve compared them in all categories including pros and cons, mechanisms and parts, and suitability for things like home defense and hunting, so read on to see what they offer.

What is a Rifle?

What is a Rifle?

A rifle is a broad term used to describe a firearm with a long barrel and buttstock that aids stability for the shooter.

These firearms are known as powerful and accurate and are commonly used for everything from hunting to law enforcement, with their very first mention in history dating back to the 15th century.

The name rifle is the shortened version of its first iteration ‘rifled gun’ referred to the rifling or grooves that are cut into its bore wall.

These grooves help to propel the projectile and expel it at greater force and power which sets it apart from other types of firearms.


  • Power: Nothing comes close to the power of a rifle, and you can expect it to deliver around 340 foot-pounds of energy from a single round. If you’re in a situation where you only have time for one shot and have to make it count, you’ll want the rifle on your side. With the right caliber, you can also ensure there’s no over-penetration from the shot.
  • Long-range: The high velocity of projectiles fired from a rifle gives it a major boost in range and performance. A standard rifle can shoot at least 100 yards and with the right caliber, closer to 300 yards and sometimes beyond that. This makes them a formidable force in long-range situations like hunting and target shooting.


  • Heavy: A standard-sized rifle is a pretty hefty piece of metal and if you’re planning on traveling with it, you’ll get fatigued after not much time. They don’t work well in tight spaces and aren’t ideal for concealed carry, so you are somewhat limited to where you can fire one. However, a heavier rifle is usually better at absorbing recoil which can be a bonus for the user.
  • Hard to handle: Because you need two handles to maneuver a rifle it does make it a little clunky to operate. Without the added relief of having a shorter barrel, you’ll notice that it’s not as smooth. You’ll also need to think about the logistics of carrying this type of long weapon and if it’s going to get caught up on vegetation or surroundings.
  • Cost: A quality rifle will be more expensive to purchase than most carbines, as well as pistols and shotguns. Unless you have a specific need that only a standard sized rifle can fill, there are cheaper ways to get the right weapon.

What is a Carbine?

What is a Carbine?

A carbine used to be defined as a standard rifle that featured a shorter barrel, as the traditional rifle was sometimes too cumbersome to handle.

The first carbine was produced in the 16th century and was used by cavalry who had been looking for an easier way to reload their firearms while mounted.

Today, the advanced version of these earlier guns can be classified as a semi-automatic firearm that has a shorter barrel of fewer than 20 inches.

They offer a smaller package with the same power as a rifle, enabling users to get into tight spaces and operate these firearms more conveniently.


  • Convenience: There’s no doubt that using a carbine rifle is easier and more convenient because it’s lacking a longer barrel. This means you can get into tight spaces with it and be mobile in a way that’s not feasible with a standard-length rifle.
  • Accuracy: Although the standard rifle is always known for its accuracy, a carbine rifle can be just as precise. They achieve this with a longer sighting plane than a handgun which ensures the user gets their target every time.


  • Better options: If you want something smaller than a rifle and even more convenient, using a firearm like a pistol might be the better option. Carbines are more compact but still not suitable for things like concealed carry so it’s not always right.
  • Less range: Because the projectile doesn’t travel as far down the barrel, a carbine has notably less range than a standard-length rifle and sometimes they are lacking in power as well. Although they rate much the same for accuracy when used by a skilled shooter, these disadvantages could be a letdown if you’re looking for punch.
  • Noisy to fire: Due to the unique configuration of these guns and other types of short-barrelled rifles, there’s more noise when a carbine is fired. Although a traditional rifle is also known for its increased noise factor, you may need extra protection to keep your ears safe when firing a carbine.

How They Differ In Mechanism

A carbine rifle and a standard rifle use much the same mechanisms to work, with the key difference being what happens at the end as the projectile passes through the barrel.

These firearms work by pulling a trigger which then sets off the firing pin that strikes the primer found at the base of a cartridge

Once it strikes, the gunpowder inside starts to burn, and it then explodes and expels gas which forces the bullet to travel out of the cartridge and through the barrel of the gun.

Although there are rifling or grooves inside both barrels, the standard rifle gives the projectile better velocity and power because it has more time to travel through the longer barrel than in a carbine rifle.

Their Ease of Use

Rifle's Ease of Use

A rifle and a carbine are some of the harder firearms to master, mainly due to their size and categorization as a long gun.

Due to the requirement for using both hands to use these guns, they do take additional training to learn compared to something like a pistol, but they offer precision and accuracy that can’t be beaten once you do.

If you had to choose a winner though, the carbine would be slightly easier to maneuver because of the shorter barrel.

This makes it more lightweight and better at using in confined spaces, so if you’re looking for the simpler option but still want the rifle basics, a carbine is a way to go.

Maintenance and Cleaning of the Weapons

Maintenance and Cleaning of the Weapons

If you want to know which is easier to clean between the carbine and the rifle, they both require much the same.

Of course, because the barrel of the carbine is shorter it may take slightly less time to get the job done, but overall, they’re quite similar.

Carbines and rifles both require regular upkeep to prevent stoppages and issues and to ensure they’re in good condition.

They should be cleaned after each use and inspected every few months when they’re not being used to avoid any catastrophic failures that can occur with a faulty weapon.

Ammunition Choices

Ammunition Choices

One of the biggest misconceptions when comparing carbines and rifles is that they use the same ammunition because they’re made similarly.

While it is true that a carbine can fire the same ammunition as their longer counterparts in most cases, the key difference in their barrel size means they’ll get completely different results when they do.

A carbine attempting to fire something lightweight will lose a lot of power and velocity, so it’s better to stick to ammunition made specifically for the type of weapon. 

Again, this can vary depending on the use and what the caliber is so it’s a personal decision to be determined for each gun.

The Best Gun For Home Defense

The Best Gun For Home Defense

Although most people’s first choice for a home defense weapon is a handgun, there’s nothing stopping you from protecting your home with a carbine or a rifle.

When it comes to which is the best option of the two, the carbine would be our favorite, although both are incredibly accurate if you’re a good shot.

What sets the carbine apart in this category is that it works better at close range so if you find someone entering your home, you’ll probably be pretty close to them when you draw your firearm and be able to maneuver better.

A rifle can still be valuable for home defense though, especially on larger properties or when more power and velocity are required. If you’re lucky enough to, having one of each would give the greatest peace of mind.

The Best Choice for Hunting

The Best Choice for Hunting

The game that one intends to hunt will point them in the best direction for a firearm, with carbines and rifles each having something unique to offer.

Although the rifle is usually considered the go-to for hunting because of its long-range and power, you might still find some value in taking your carbine out to the field as well.

Carbine rifles are effective for small game like squirrels and rabbits if you’re using a 9mm, and for a somewhat larger game something like the M2 or M4 is best.

Otherwise, a standard rifle is an almost always better choice for hunting medium to the large game as it gives you longer range and is slightly more accurate.

The Final Say

A carbine used to be the term for a shortened version of a rifle but today they’re a bit harder to classify than that because of their various features.

There’s no clear winner of a better gun as it all depends on the user and the circumstances, but if you want something reliable and powerful, carbines and rifles are always up to the task.

Choosing the perfect firearm to suit your preferences and future use can be overwhelming, and that’s just getting a handle on what each of the guns is called.

To find out more about commonly compared firearms and how they differ, read on for some FAQs and our expert answers.

Is a Shotgun Better Than a Rifle?

The purpose of the firearm is what determines the best choice, with a shotgun being better at shooting aerial targets and wider spaces to hit smaller game.

A rifle is the choice for precision and power, in situations like hunting large game and specific targets.

Is a Revolver Better Than a Pistol?

Pistols and revolvers are both technically handguns, with their major difference being the pistol holds more rounds and is lighter to handle.

The revolver is considered a more reliable firearm and capable of delivering a more powerful shot, so it again depends on the individual and what they’re using it for.

Is a Pistol Better Than a Rifle?

Rifles are long guns that are better suited to things like hunting and target practice, as they have longer range, more precision, and can be more powerful.

A pistol is a handgun and the best option for home defense and self-defense or shooting a moving target or game during hunting.


Mathew R Reed

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