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14 Rifle Accessories Everyone Needs


Mathew R Reed
August 18, 2021

A simple accessory can make a whole lot of difference to a firearm, and if you’re a new owner or looking for ways to get more out of your rifle, there’s a lot to choose from.

Rifle accessories can help with everything from trigger control to eye relief you have plenty of choices and no excuse not to give them a try.

What are the essential rifle accessories everyone should have?

A rifle can be improved significantly with extras like iron and laser sights, shoulder slings, and brass catchers. Depending on how you use your gun and what you need to make it more efficient, there’s no shortage of accessories to choose from.

If you’re a proud new owner of a rifle or just want to improve on what you already have, you’ll want to check our list of rifle accessories.

We cover all of the essentials, and some that aren’t necessary but still a lot of fun, so you’ll have everything you need to make it better.

14 Essential Rifle Accessories

A rifle is a standard choice in weaponry, whether you’re looking for something to hunt with, defend your home, or practice your shooting expertise.

To make these firearms even better, we’ve compiled 15 must-have and much-desired rifle accessories on the market today.

#1: Cheek Piece

Cheek Piece

A cheekpiece might be one of the lesser-known rifle accessories but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless.

These attachments give you a specific and comfortable place to rest your head on the stock of the rifle, resulting in better stability and a clearer view.

The cheekpiece accessory is a must-have for anyone that feels themselves straining while trying to lock onto their target and it’ll improve your head placement so the overall shot is better.

To find a good one, make sure it’s adjustable so you can make it the perfect fit, and suited to whatever your dominant side is when you’re using a gun.

#2: Ballistic Chronograph

Ballistic Chronograph

Although it sounds pretty technical, a ballistic chronography is a pretty simple device. These accessories are designed to measure the speed of a projectile, giving you an exact measurement of how fast a bullet flew out of your rifle.

The modern and efficient ballistic chronograph can be attached underneath the rifle’s barrel and will measure whatever flies past it, giving you a fun way to track how your firearm is performing.

One of these cool accessories can add an exciting challenge to your practice and it’ll nudge you to keep striving for faster speeds.

#3: Rifle Sling

Rifle Sling

Rifles are notoriously heavy machinery and it’s not something you want to lug around in your arms on a long day of hunting.

A rifle sling is a must-have to relieve some of this weight and free up your hands, and a no-brainer for anyone with this type of gun who likes to get out and about.

The best rifle sling for you will depend on your gun and physical requirements, as they’ll need to be compatible.

A single-point sling works best with tactical rifles otherwise a two-point sling is more versatile and capable of holding more varieties.

#4: Shooting Bag

Shooting Bag

A shooting bag or shooting rest is an essential item for anyone that wants some stability during a long-range shot.

These bags range in size, with some weighing more than eight pounds, and give you a stable place to rest your rifle and line up the shot, cover with durable materials like water-resistant polyester.

To find a quality shooting bag, choose one that works with a range of rifle stocks, and ensure you’ve picked the right size and weight to give you stability.

Whether you’re sighting in an optic or enjoying long-range target practice, having one of these bags is going to make a huge difference.

#5: Muzzle Brake

Muzzle Brake

Some rifles are notorious for recoil and if you want to reduce this, you’ll need to invest in a muzzle brake.

This device cleverly redirects the gas from the chamber and bore because they must now go past the muzzle brake, which means the rifle pulls forward and doesn’t push back, leaving you with minimal recoil.

The best muzzle brake for your rifle will depend on the rifle itself and the port size, so always shop with these features in mind.

For those hunting trips where a few shooters are sharing a blind, reducing your recoil will make a major difference for you and everyone else.

#6: Shooting Mat

Shooting Mat

One of the worst things about hunting in the woods is having to lay on the damp ground for what seems like hours on end.

A shooting mat is a great companion for your hunting rifle as it’s specifically designed to keep you dry, make you comfortable, and ensure you’re set up for the perfect shot.

A hunting mat goes above and beyond what a standard piece of cardboard or another cheap alternative can.

These accessories are covered with an anti-bacterial coating, large enough for you and your bag, and include stakes to keep it in the ground, so you could set up in any spot for the whole day and never have to worry about a thing. Check out our article on Best Sniper Rifle Drag Bags, some of the bags can also double as a shooting mat!

#7: Rifle Cleaning Kit

Rifle Cleaning Kit

If you want a fuss-free way to keep your firearm in good condition, a ready-made rifle cleaning kit is the solution. These kits have been specially designed for rifles and come with all of the supplies you’ll need to get your gun into perfect shape.

There are loads of rifle cleaning kits on the market so make sure you choose one that suits your type of gun and its use and any preferences you have for products.

These kits include items like cotton patches, cleaning rods, and gun grease, with as few or as many pieces inside.

#8: Bipods and Monopods

Bipods and Monopods

A rifle can only perform as well as the support it’s been given, so using either a bipod or monopod is a no-brainer.

These rifle support accessories hold your weapon in the right position and give it all the stability it needs to enable you to take the perfect shot.

The bipod holds the fore-end of the rifle and uses two stability points, and the monopod does the same but at the rear.

The gun then rests in place which gives you better flexibility and improves accuracy, so it’s perfect for everything from hunting to the shooting range.

#9: Brass Catcher

Brass Catcher

A brass catcher or brass trap is a specialty accessory that you attach to a firearm that captures any spent casings. These catchers are especially helpful for rifles and come in a range of designs including pouches, nets, and bags.

With a brass catcher attached to your rifle, and usually on the pic rail, you’ll be able to devote all of your attention to the shot in front of you.

They also mean minimal clean-up when you’re done with target practice and ensure you’re doing your part to keep Mother Nature pristine and free from pollution.

#10: Shooting Stick

 Shooting Stick

One of the simpler accessories on our list, but still very effective, is the shooting stick. These sticks can be placed in the ground to give you somewhere to rest the forearm of your rifle, as they create a V shape that’s perfect to nestle into.

Shooting sticks come in many varieties, including wooden and carbon fiber ones, as well as telescopic legs, hand grips, and shock absorbers.

You can find a shooting stick that suits your rifle type specifically and gives you a range of other features that will improve aim and stability out on the field.

#11: Solar Red Dot Sight

Solar Red Dot Sight

The sights of today have come a long way since their predecessor, and if you’re looking to improve the view on your rifle, you’ll want to pay attention.

A solar sight utilizes a sun-charged battery to ensure you always have a red dot ready for action, and even if you have no sun, they last on their own for up to 20,000 hours.

These modern marvels are compact and durable, made with tough aluminum housing, and come with a range of sizes and mounts so you can use it however you please.

If you never want to have to worry about battery life on your sight again, this futuristic rifle accessory is one of the best ways to improve your accuracy and guarantee the shot.

#12: Sand Sock

Sand Sock

Although the sand sock isn’t a high-tech item, it still holds a lot of worth for a rifle owner. Just as the name suggests, the sand sock is a large sock that’s been filled with sand, and its main purpose is to provide stability to the fore-end or butt of the rifle.

With a sand sock at the ready, you’ll be able to provide support and stability to the rifle and absorb shock so you feel minimal recoil.

They’re easy enough to make yourself as a DIY project or you can purchase one ready-made for a low price, and for the huge impact they make, it’s excellent value for money.

#13: Scope


A rifle scope is one of the oldest and most trusted accessories a firearm can have, and it’s especially useful for hunting or anywhere where precision matters.

These accessories attach to your weapon and offer a magnifying monocle so you can see the target more clearly and closely.

There is a huge selection of rifle scopes out there, but ultimately you want to find one that works in all conditions, has the desired magnification level, and will suit the type of rifle you own.

With one of these attached, you’ll get an instant boost to your precision and accuracy, and will never want to be without it.

#14: Bleeding Targets

Bleeding Targets

While not necessarily a must-have, a bleeding target is one of the coolest accessories you can get for your rifle.

These targets were developed by a former Navy SEAL, and they’re target sheets that have been filled with gel paint and color-coded with blue for the lungs and red for the brain and heart.

As you hit the target, the paint explodes and starts to bleed, so you get instant feedback on your shot.

They look cool, add an element of fun to target practice, and are made with biodegradable and environmentally friendly paint so there’s no need to feel bad about the planet.

Related Questions

As one of America’s favorite guns, it’s no surprise that there’s a huge selection of accessories out there to make rifles even more enjoyable to own.

If you still have questions about your rifle or are thinking about investing in one, check out these FAQs to get a better understanding of these special firearms.

What Rifle is Best for Moose Hunting?

If you’re hunting moose specifically, some of the more popular rifle choices include the 300 Winchester Magnum, 30-06 Springfield, and .308 Winchester.

For larger game like moose, choosing a rifle that can shoot more lead with adequate trajectory and speed is a must for taking them down quickly and humanely.

Is a Rifle Good for Home Defense?

A rifle is a powerful and fast choice of firearm, but might not be the first preference for home defense depending on how your home is configured.

Although they hold a lot of stopping power, they are better suited to mid to long-range targets and are generally more expensive than shotguns and handguns, so it depends on the individual.

What is the Difference Between a Sight and a Scope?

A rifle’s scope is an optic that provides magnification as well, whereas a sight only provides optics. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably which can be confusing, however, both imply an optic accessory that can be attached to a rifle.


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