How can senior citizens lower the risks of burglary

Home Security For Senior Citizens


Mathew R Reed
November 11, 2021

Burglaries occur all over the country and to many people. They’re just one of the many dangers that exist in this world.

For seniors and their hard-earned money, burglars and brazen criminals who specialize in home invasions and burglaries frequently target them. 

Home is the place senior citizens should feel the most secure. However, since they live alone, have debilitating physical abilities, and lack understanding of modern technology, senior citizens can become easy targets for burglars and thieves.

If you have an old loved one vulnerable to burglars, consider installing a home security system.

Why are senior citizens attractive targets for burglars

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Many senior citizens are attractive targets for burglars, making them the most at-risk group.

There are many reasons criminals target senior citizens more than other demographics. Here are some reasons for their easy targets.

Mental and physical health

The mental and physical health of senior citizens is a significant reason criminals target them. The elderly live alone and may be isolated from everyone.

The isolation can lead to mental health issues that make them easy targets for criminals. Also, Criminals assume that older people are less physically capable and don’t do a great job of securing their homes.

The physical vulnerability related to the weaknesses of an older body makes them easy targets.

Lack of crime reporting

Senior citizens fall to a wide range of scams and telephone tricks, with criminals thinking they can’t fight back. They are also less likely to report fraud out of embarrassment, shame, or fear.

Seniors who live alone are less likely to report a crime or remember an incident.

Therefore, criminals can get away with crime because the seniors can’t go to the police to prosecute the criminals. This gives burglars a leeway to attack without fearing prosecution,


Seniors living close to towns are likely to be attacked. Most seniors prefer living in cities to avoid walking or driving far to get food supplies.

However, there are higher rates of crime in cities than in rural areas. People who don’t properly secure their homes are highly vulnerable to burglary.


Seniors stick to the same routines, making it easy for the criminal to predict their movements. A burglar will know when and where a senior is at a particular time to plan their attacks.

Also, these seniors have nest egg funds for retirement and are likely to monitor their credit actively. This predictability makes it easy to attack.

How can senior citizens lower the risks?

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There are several ways senior citizens can lower the risks of burglary. The first and easiest defense is to lock your doors and windows.

Since burglars look for an easy target, an unlocked door or window gives them an easy through-pass to a house. As a senior citizen, your doors are the first line of defense. Use smart locks to lock a door or window.

Keep valuables away from the windows and views from strangers. Seniors should use window curtains, drapes, or blinds to prevent any snooping individual from attempting to look inside the house.

You can also use fortified windows to prevent burglary. If you have any windows on the ground floor of your property where burglars can easily reach, using fortified windows can reduce the risk of attacks. You can also place a security film and sturdier lock on a patio road to increase security.

Inside lighting can also lower the risks of burglary attacks. Keep your home well lit to reduce the risk of being a burglary victim. Leaving the light on at night time can deter burglars from wanting to break into a property.

Similarly, use outside lighting to deter home invasion. A dark home around the evening time gives criminals a signal to attack. Things such as string lights, wall lights, accent lights, or motion-activated lights can protect seniors’ homes against burglary.

A home automation system makes seniors’ security simple. Installing a Home Security System is an effective way to prevent intruders from entering your home.

A home without a security system is more likely to be broken into, with Intruders keeping away from a security camera. With a smart Home Security System for seniors, you will have one of the best crime deterrents.

Burglars look for the easiest target. When they see a house with a security system, they’ll move onto a target that presents less of a risk.

CCTV cameras can help seniors to monitor a home while keeping burglars and thieves at bay. There are several advantages of installing a CCTV security system on a property of a senior citizen.

You can install a surveillance camera to prevent burglary attacks in the home. The infrared LED night vision ensures that you have a secure property 24/7.

An alarm system can be an excellent investment for any homeowner and particularly beneficial for seniors’ security; and alarm system can protect you and your property from burglars.

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Are senior citizens allowed to own a firearm?

Are senior citizens allowed to own a firearm?

Seniors can use firearms to defend against criminals. The presence of a gun may frighten a criminal away, reducing the likelihood of home invasion.

The debate around gun ownership has been raging for decades. However, the vulnerability of senior citizens to burglary makes a case for gun ownership.

Advancing age should prevent no one from enjoying gun ownership privileges. Seniors are an important population in the market for whom the implications of firearm production and ownership merit consideration.

The decisions to own, carry, and use a firearm for self-defense are complex. It depends on both individual and environmental factors surrounding them. Also, the ability of a senior to defend themselves can influence whether the person can own and use a firearm.

Memory, thinking, judgment, and physical and behavioral competence issues related to an older adult’s safe operation of a motor vehicle apply to firearms. If an elder is cognitively sound and has good eyesight, he can possess a firearm for hunting and self-defense. However, some senior citizens cannot own a firearm if it is no longer safe. 

Since senior citizens can’t fight off a stronger and faster attacker, owning a firearm gives them personal protection. Sometimes the attackers take advantage of the elderly if they don’t have personal protection such as a firearm.

Seniors who use guns defensively are less likely to be harmed than those using other forms of defense protection. Hence, seniors should buy and possess firearms to defend their homes from an intruder.

When a senior citizen is disabled, the firearm can be a necessary tool for personal protection. Armed senior citizens have the best possible chance of defending themselves against attacks by criminals.

Gun ownership saves lives and allows crime victims to defend themselves against criminals. In the United States, a large percentage of people aged 65 years or older own a firearm.

At least one new handgun has been designed and marketed for older people because of their vulnerability to attacks.

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Security systems for senior citizens

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Staying at home is a concern for seniors who feel vulnerable and worry about intruders and break-ins.

Hence, a home security system is an important investment for senior citizen homes. They can protect the home from criminals and alert them when there is an intrusion.

There are several security systems ideal for older adults that differ in usability.

While senior citizens are vulnerable to home invasion and burglary attacks, they don’t need to be defenseless. Modern security systems are effective in protecting them from criminals.

The extensive feature sets available through some trusted brands can prevent crimes and help seniors whenever something happens on their property.

Choose a home security system for seniors based on the price, ease of use, installation method, and customer service record.

These things matter to seniors when determining the best security system that offers the best to seniors. These security systems will provide a place in mind for seniors.  You get an alert sent to your phone and check your security cameras if you have a reason to worry about your safety.

Seniors shouldn’t become experts in home security or technology to protect themselves. The best security system for seniors combines effective protection with professional installation and ease of use. These are great choices for seniors that are easy to manage, primarily through the keypad.

With the security systems for senior citizens, you can automate the home and customize the system to suit their needs. These security systems provide a secure platform for home automation features.

You can get a Smart Lock that unlocks as you approach the front door, preventing any intruder from getting access to the house.

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Seniors face plenty of challenges in their lives, including the risk of attacks. They are easy targets from burglars for a variety of reasons.

However, there are many ways seniors can protect themselves from burglary attacks and home invasions.

A modern smart alarm system can protect seniors from more than just crime. They come equipped with motor sensors and alarm systems.

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