Tips on shooting indoors

How To Shoot Indoors


Mathew R Reed
November 15, 2021

You may have to consider a firearm as part of your defense plan or for recreational purposes.

If you are planning to own firearms, there is something about shooting indoor ranges everyone must know. Both indoor and outdoor shooting have their advantages and disadvantages.

As you choose between options, here are the reasons you should give indoor shooting a go.

How is shooting indoors different?

Indoor range

Everyone has their preference with shooting ranges.

Some people like the open-air feel of an outdoor range, while others prefer the air-conditioned comfort of indoor ranges. The outdoor shooting is where you can shoot Steel Targets at 500 yards, and the indoor shooting involves controlling the target distance.

Indoor shooting ranges are where the target distance is controlled with the push of a button. The indoor ranges have walls and bullet traps, unlike outdoor ranges with hillsides, banks, or walls.

Indoor firing ranges are popular among recreational shooters because they offer protection from inclement weather. You have no environmental factors to challenge you, whether in snow, wind, or heavy rains. Many shooters prefer to shoot indoors because they are protected from the elements.

Unlike outdoor shooting, an indoor shooting range allows you to shoot firearms in a safe and controlled environment.

The facility provides a good ventilation system, air filtration, tactical skills enhancing equipment, and an automated target retrieval system to provide a comfortable, safe, and fun shooting experience.

Indoor shooting is great for target practice. It promotes good eyesight by staring at a target in a fighting range. The practice also allows you to improve your target skills at an indoor gun range. Whether preparing for shooting competitions or practicing target shooting on your own, the indoor settings have the best offers.

The indoor shooting ranges are meticulously designed for an optimized indoor shooting experience that’s exciting and safe. You stand on one side of the range with targets downrange.

The firing ranges have everything you need in one, including classes, instruction, shooting clothing, and in-house gunsmiths. Technological improvements are making indoor ranges a more viable option for tactical training.

The indoor shooting range entails using a variety of firearms to take aim and fire at the targets while wearing protective gear. There are bullet traps behind the targets designed to stop and capture the targets, thus preventing any ricochets. Therefore, the indoor shooting ranges are safe.

Expect indoor shooting to be loud because it happens in the confinement of spaces. The concrete wall at the shooting range creates an entirely different level of noise.

Also, know what to wear when planning to shoot indoors. Dress well when shooting indoors, including personal protective equipment for all range visits.

Why is it important to get used to shooting indoors

tips on indoor shooting

Whether you are a veteran shooter or it’s your first time at a shooting range, you’ll have to choose between two basic types of shooting ranges: indoor and outdoor.

There are several pros and cons to both types of shooting ranges. While you may have your personal preferences, you may most likely prefer indoor shooting for various reasons.

Outdoor shooting ranges may take longer to get to and are usually not centrally located for many people. In contrast, indoor shooting allows you to shoot firearms in a safe and controlled environment. The indoor shooting range can be a thrilling experience for first-time shooters and gun aficionados.

There are several reasons to get used to indoor shooting ranges. This shooting requires keen hand-eye coordination to hit the target in the firing lane using firearms.

You must learn to get more accurate shots while shooting indoors and develop focus. Firing indoors requires keeping your eyes on the target while aiming a gun. You keep your mind off of other activities to focus on the target in front of you.

Indoor gun range has potential health benefits, including increased arm strength. The activity requires strong and sturdy hands to make accurate shots. Through practice, you can keep your arms steady and achieve proper balance and posture.

For example, indoor firing requires a straight back with shoulders pulled back to get a better balance. Having weak muscles in the abdomen can cause the lower back to hold extra weight and pressure from simple activities.

Tips for indoor shooting

How is shooting indoors different?

There are several tips you can use to develop a well-planned method of self-protection and defense.

Before your shooting experience at any indoor shooting range, there are several tips and rules to follow. These tips can help you feel more comfortable and confident before picking up a firearm.

  • Treat your gun as if it is loaded: Don’t assume that a firearm is not loaded. Whether yours or someone else’s, inspect the gun you touch to ensure it’s clear before handling.
  • Similarly, keep your fingers off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Ensure the muzzle and sights are on target before placing the finger on the trigger.
  • Point the muzzle in a safe direction: don’t let the muzzle point or sweep another shooter.
  • Ensure there is a backstop beyond your target. A backstop prevents ricochets or over-penetration by catching rounds. Don’t shoot if there are no backstops, such as a trap or berm behind the targets. Find a safe shooting range with the backstops behind your target.
  • Carry your gun unloaded and in a carrying case. Keep it cased when you are not shooting.
  • When arriving at the range, carry your firearm, cased and unloaded to the firing line.
  • When you finish shooting, ensure you wash your hands to remove your skin and clothing residue. Use soap and warm water to remove the contamination before touching your face or eating.
  • Develop a consistent and repeatable grip on the gun. You want to have a firm grip on your handgun, so practice your grip before shooting. 

The first concern is looking at gun safety. Before shooting, ensure you have all the recommended safety equipment, the proper training, and the guidance of an experienced shooter.

For example, find an instructor if you are a first-time shooter. You are also required to wear protective gear such as goggles and ear protection while shooting at the range.

Shooting firearms is a complex emotional event that can make you feel alert and focused while allowing you to relax and clear your head.

However, take heed of the rules and follow expert advice to ensure your shooting is fun and safe. There are countless measures taken to ensure the shooting experience is safe for everybody. These indoor shooting rules and regulations are enforced to ensure you are safe while shooting.

The most important tip is to follow safety rules to avoid endangering yourself and others. The indoor shooting involved shooting at a gun range.

Best firearm for indoor shooting

Veteran shooters have experience with different firearms.

If you are going to a shooting range, you will find lots of guns to use, from handguns to mini-guns. Knowing your favorite shooting range weapon can help you decide what to use. These are the best firearms for indoor shooting.


indoor shooting with handgun

There are many types of handguns, with most being the 9 mm handgun caliber. This is considered the best handgun for home defense and the well-concealed carry a handgun because it’s light, accurate, and powerful.

The 9 mm handguns are lightweight and compact, thus a great option for first-time shooters. They are easy to clean and assemble.

The Ruger.22 pistol is a safe bet, excellent for shooting range because of its incredible accuracy. It is the perfect gun to practice your marksmanship.

The Colt 1911 is also popular if you want an easy handgun to use at shooting ranges. The small compact handguns can provide hours of target shooting enjoyment.

Armalite Rifle (AR)

This is one of the fun rifles to shoot at a local range. The Armalite AR-15 is the standard classic rifle still used today at any shooting range. You can also use the AK47 rifle, a powerful gun at shooting ranges.

Before you shoot a rifle, make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your grip and aim. Armalite rifle shooting can be an exciting experience when done the right way. It’s easier to use a firearm if you understand the differences between them a little better.


holding shotgun

A pump-action shotgun is an excellent weapon for shooting ranges. This is a tactical and great firearm for hunting as well.

A semi-automatic firearm ejects a spent shell after every shot and can land anywhere and bounce off walls, tables, and shooters. You can find a cheap model shotgun that’s versatile and fun to shoot.

If you are new to guns, ask for help from the experts. There are books, magazines, and videos by reputable instructors providing an excellent source of information and training. They can help you with using a firearm before you go to the range.

For example, you can learn how to hold a firearm, load and unload safely, as well as a difference between target loads.


Making your first shoot in a controlled environment can be exciting.

It can even become your new favorite hobby. However, there are certain things to do to ensure you are safe and comfortable with a firearm if you want to enjoy your shooting experience fully.

You need to have the proper safety training and guidance of an experienced shooter before using any firearm. An expert instructor will show you how to hold the firearm and expect after a single round fire.

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