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7 Best Hard Cases for Air Rifles of 2022


Mathew R Reed
October 30, 2022

The best way to protect your rifle either for short, long term storage, or transit is by using a hard rifle case. While other cases available also offer convenient rifle transportation to and from the shooting range, hard rifle cases offer all-weather reliability as well as better protection against knocks and bumps.

If you are looking for the best hard case for your air rifle, you are in the right place. With the market offering a wide range of air rifles to choose from, you might find it a little overwhelming to choose the case that suits your needs best.

Here are some of the best hard cases suitable for all types of air guns.

Best Hard Cases for Air Rifles Review

1) Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle case 

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Pelican produces an array of extremely rugged outdoor gear and the Protector 1700 Rifle Case is no exemption. Hardwearing, waterproof, shockproof, and impact-resistant are just but a few premium features that describe this high-quality gun case. The incredibly spacious interior fits a wide range of firearms and their accessories while plenty of foam cushioning on the inside provides all-around protection against bumps and shocks.

Other than that, the exterior is fully watertight and dustproof which makes it the best rifle case for long-term storage. Moreover, this air rifle hard case is extremely lightweight, portable, and great for travel. It’s practically indestructible with tightly secured latches for added security. With a customized fit, you get to easily configure it to any fit that you would want. Its incredible value makes it the favorite choice for hunters, military personnel, and law enforcement officers.

Key Features

  • Customized fit.
  • Over-molded rubber handles for comfortable carry.
  • Very secure double throw latches.
  • Watertight and dustproof.
  • Pressure valve for automatic pressure release.
  • Durable and practically indestructible.
  • Fits a wide range of rifles and accessories.
  • Stainless steel rolling wheels.
  • Reinforced padlock protectors for extra security.
  • Foam padded interior
  • Exterior LxWxH 38.12 x 16.00 x 6.12
  • Interior LxWxH  35.75 x 13.50 x 5.25
  • Weighs 16.98 lbs

2) Plano All-Weather Rifle/Shotgun Cases (36/42/52 Inches) 

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If you are looking for an air rifle hard case that offers reliable functionality regardless of the weather conditions, you can never go wrong with the Plano All-Weather Rifle/Shotgun Cases. Made to fit a wide range of firearms, these rifle cases have plenty of space to fit two rifles and still have room for other accessories.

A continuous Dri-Loc seal locks out all weather elements to provide reliable waterproof and dustproof protection even in the most extreme conditions. Better yet, these Plano hard cases have 4 external latches for top-notch rifle security. On top of that, these latches are multi-stage latches, so they can’t be accidentally opened. A unique pluck-to-fit foam on the inside is incredibly easy to customize, so it can perfectly fit your air gun. This foam provides all-around rifle protection against mechanical damages and scratches. The gun cases are extremely lightweight, portable and great for most outdoor shooting activities.

Key Features

  • Airline approved.
  • Built-in pressure release valve.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • All-weather reliability.
  • Customizable fit.
  • Multi-purpose application.
  • Heavy-duty, dual-stage lockable latches for enhanced security.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Watertight and dust-proof sealing.
  • Large enough to accommodate two rifles at a go.
  • Interior foam cushioning provides all-around rifle protection.

3) Flambeau Outdoor 6500AR Gun Case with Magazine Pockets and Straps for Ammunition

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This high quality hard rifle case comes at a price that’s easy on your wallet. The impressive durability of the Flambeau Outdoor 6500AR Tactical Gun Case makes it the best gun case for all tactical situations. The heavy-duty construction withstands the harshest impacts and shock while enhancing many years of field use.

Besides that, the case is spaciously designed to keep your rifle and accessories neatly organized for easy access. The hard plastic exterior offers reliable protection from general wear and tear while the convoluted foam on the inside provides all-around rifle protection from mechanical damages and scratches especially during transit.

Other than that, this gun case is rustproof, corrosion-resistant, dustproof, and water-tight. It also features four locking points for safe closure during transport or storage. For your own convenience, the rifle case is extremely lightweight, portable, and great for travel. It is certainly worth investing in if you are looking for the best way to protect your firearm.

Key Features

  • Smart storage design.
  • Lightweight, portable, and great for travel.
  • TSA, airline approved.
  • Extremely durable and sturdy.
  • Convoluted foam padding for all-around rifle protection.
  • Rustproof and corrosion-resistant.
  • Dustproof and all-weather reliable.
  • Velcro straps for securing guns and accessories inside
  • Four secure closure points
  • Dimensions- 40″ L x 12″ W x 4″ D

4) MEIJIA All-Weather Hard Rifle Case with Wheels

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Elegance is what best describes this MEIJIA All-Weather Hard Rifle Case. Built to last as long as your rifle, MEIJIA hard rifle case is extremely durable and weatherproof. The adjustable interior foam fits a wide range of firearms from rifles to shotguns. Made with high-quality polypropylene, this rifle case is sealed to lock out moisture and dust.

It keeps your valuables dry and safe regardless of the weather conditions. The comfortable handle design enhances portability, while the smooth-rolling Polyurethane wheels provide smooth and effortless mobility in different terrains and conditions. This hard rifle case also features easy-to-open latches that also offer superior security during transit.

Key Features

  • Airline approved
  • 44.37×15.98×6.1inches
  • O-ring sealed to lock out dust and moisture.
  • Professional military-grade construction.
  • Smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Easy to open latches.
  • Adjustable interior foam for a customized fit.
  • Multi-purpose application. Used by hunters as well as the military.
  • Comfortable handle design enhances portability.
  • High-quality Polypropylene construction.
  • Elegant black finish

5) Merdia Hard Rifle Gun Case (34.05″/40.08″/47.24″ /47.64″ /53.93″) 

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Merdia Hard Rifle Gun Case provides heavy-duty protection to a wide range of firearms during storage or transit. Available at a reasonably affordable price, this gun case promises reliable rifle protection against all-weather elements and mechanical damages. Weighing just 5/73lb, the gun case is extremely lightweight and convenient for hunting, travel, or voyage.

The special pick and pluck inside foam allow for easy customization to fit different firearms. Besides that, the foam provides all-around rifle protection against bumps and scrapes. The unique handle at the center makes it easy to carry around and it’s comfortable enough to carry around for long hours. Its versatility as a hard rifle case is hard to beat.

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality Copolymer polypropylene.
  • Incredibly lightweight and portable.
  • Multi-purpose application.
  • Customized fit.
  • Great for both everyday use and storage.
  • 100% watertight, airtight, and dust-free.
  • Thick interior padding for all-around protection.
  • Comfortable carrying handle

6) Flambeau Outdoors 6448SC 48” Express Gun Case 

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Here is another top-quality hard rifle case from Flambeau Outdoors. Designed to protect your rifle from any mechanical damage, this gun case is ideal for storage purposes as well as everyday use. The heavy-duty polymer construction protects your firearm from normal wear and tear, while the convoluted foam bedding protects the firearm from bumps and scratches.

The ultra-spacious design fits 1 scoped rifle or shotgun. Besides that, the lightweight design makes it easy to carry for extended periods without getting tired. The express gun case also features 4 snap-tight lock hasps that ensure the safety of your firearm at all times. For all-weather reliability, the gun case is fully waterproof and dustproof. You are therefore assured that your firearm will stay dry and clean, come rain come sunshine.

Key Features

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Dimensions Interior -46.125″ L x 9.25″ W x 3.5″ D
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight and great for travel
  • Low profile integrated handle with a snug and secure grip
  • Fits 1 scoped rifle or shotgun
  • 4 snap-tight lock hasps for added security
  • Watertight and dustproof
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Weighs 4.4 lbs

7) HQ ISSUE Tactical Hard Rifle Case

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If you are looking for a premium quality airline-approved hard rifle case, you can never go wrong with the HQ ISSUE Tactical Hard Rifle Case. Made to fit a wide range of firearms, this tactical rifle case is extremely durable and shockproof as well. It has a customized soft foam cushioning that provides all-around rifle protection from mechanical damage, bumps, and scratches especially during transit.

On top of that, this rifle case is O-ring sealed to deliver reliable waterproof and dust-proof performance. For maximum security, it comes with 2 heavy-duty padlock tabs that lock away the firearm under your discretion. Weighing about 15 pounds, this rifle case is extremely lightweight and highly convenient for travel. Other than that, it has wheels for easy maneuverability regardless of the terrain conditions.

Key Features

  • Reasonably affordable.
  • Watertight and dustproof.
  • Customizable interior soft foam padding.
  • Airline approved.
  • Has wheels for easy transportation.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Sturdy and rugged construction.
  • 2 padlock tabs for extra security.
  • Fits a wide range of firearms.
  • Multi-purpose application

Choosing the Best Air Rifle Hard Case


Ensure that you get a rifle case that’s spacious enough to accommodate your air rifle as well as other essential accessories. With multiple rifles cases offering different storage capacities, consider how many firearms and the number of accessories you’ll need to carry to the shooting range. If you are a multiple firearm owner, get a case that can safely accommodate more than one firearm at a go. It should also have multiple storage pockets where you can conveniently store all of your essential rifle accessories.

Latch System

Hard rifle cases have different latch systems depending on the manufacturer. However, most of the cases either have 4 or 6 latches. The more the latches, the more secure your firearm will be. However, the more the latches, the longer it will take for you to open the case. Make sure that the latches are easy to open so it doesn’t take you too long to open.


The best hard rifle case should be able to last for decades. If you’ll be driving across rough terrains, durability is more important as it affects how well the case will perform under such situations. On top of that, if you are going to use the case in all-weather conditions, make sure that you get a case that’s not only waterproof but also dustproof. The rifle case should also be UV resistant, Corrosion resistant, shock and crushproof as well as resistant to normal wear and tear.


How convenient the rifle case is also an important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. You’ll need a rifle case that’s easy to customize the foam if it’s customizable, easy to open and close and lightweight, and easy to carry around. Some cases even have wheels included for easy transportation. Other than that, a case with extra storage space is always better for storing other essential accessories.


A lightweight yet durable hard rifle case is quite essential especially if your users intend to use it on regular basis. How heavy the rifle case weighs has a direct impact on how comfortable it will be to carry regardless of the carrying option. Other than that, a lightweight rifle case is not only convenient to carry around but also easy to pack on your car.

Air Rifle Hard Case FAQs

Do hard rifle cases lock on their own?

While most rifle cases can lock themselves, they instead have multiple locks that are easy to lock and open as well. Locking your firearm when not in use keeps it safe and protects it from being stolen.

Which is better, soft rifle case or hard rifle case?

These two types of rifle cases have their own pros and cons. While a hard rifle case provides better firearm protection and durability, it costs more and it’s also more cumbersome. On the other hand, soft rifle cases are reasonably affordable, lightweight and portable. However, such cases offer less protection against hard impacts and shock.


With the market offering a multitude of hard rifle cases to choose from, it is important that you take time and narrow down the options based on your specific needs. All of the rifle cases listed above are top-quality products, durably made to provide maximum protection to your air gun. Pick any one of them and get great value for your money.

Mathew R Reed

Mathew R Reed is a professional gun seller who runs a dedicated gun store in the suburbs of Oakland, CA. A hardcore hunting enthusiast since childhood, Reed has ample experience with guns and accessories. He is the founder of and creates some of the most helpful gun-buying guides and explainers. If not in the gun shop, you can find him on the nearest hiking trail or nearby hunting spot.