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10 Best and Accurate Gamo Air Rifles of 2023


Mathew R Reed
November 1, 2022

Gamo is known for air rifles that serve many purposes including pest and vermin control, small game hunting, and target shooting. The Spanish air pellet company launched its first air rifle in 1961 and has grown to be one of the most popular manufacturers of air guns in the world.

Gamo air rifles are of good quality, affordable, and offer pinpoint accuracy for the best shooting experience. This way, they have managed to hold their top position in the weapon industry. Many of Gamo products have patented technologies and are color-coded to make it easy for you to match their rifle to their choice of ammo.

Best Gamo Air Rifles

Gamo Air riflesImageBest Price
1) Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle .177 CalGamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle .177 Cal  Best Price
2) Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle, 22 CaliberGamo Urban PCP Air Rifle, 22 Caliber   Best Price
3) Gamo Wildcat Whisper Air RifleGamo Wildcat Whisper Air Rifles  Best Price
4) Gamo Swarm Magnum, Multi-Shot Air RifleGamo Swarm Magnum, Multi-Shot Air Rifle  Best Price
5) Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 6110063254 Air Rifle ( .177 Caliber, .22 Caliber)Gamo 611006325554 Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal  Best Price
6) Magnum Air RifleMagnum Air Rifle  Best Price
7) Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X Gen2 Multi-Shot Air RifleGamo 6110063354 Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2 Air Rifle, .177 Caliber , Black Best Price
8) Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet RifleGamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi Shot Pellet Rifle  Best Price

Gamo Air Rifle Reviews

Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle .177 Cal 

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This Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle as one of the best Gamo Air rifles can shoot at a velocity of up to 1250 fps for a .177 PBA Platinum alloy pellet.  This air rifle is ideal for hunting small game, pest control, and target practice. It comes with a 4x32mm scope that enables you to pick-off small, hard-to-see targets. Apart from the performance features, this Varmint air rifle also has a molded synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock with non-slip texturing on the pistol grip and forearm.

Gamo Varmint Air Rifle features a Monte Carlo cheek pad that aligns your eye with the scope sight and a rubber recoil pad to keep the buttstock firmly planted on the shoulder. It has an automatic manual safety for proper and safe handling and works well with a break barrel, spring-powered cocking system.


  • Synthetic with a rubber recoil pad
  • Fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel barrel
  • Manual Trigger Safety
  • Two stages adjustable trigger
  • Lightweight design
  • Single shot
  • Spring Powered
  • Grooved cylinder rail
  • Break Barrel: Single Cocking System
  • Velocity: 1250 feet per second (fps) with PBA.
  • Includes 4 x 32 shockproof scope
  • Noise dampening: None
  • .177 Caliber Pellets
  • Barrel Length: 17.8 in.
  • Total Length: 43.3 in.
  • Weight: 5.47 pounds
  • Trigger Pull: 3.53 lbs.
  • Trigger Len: 14.2 in.
  • Cocking Effort: 30 lbs.

Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle, 22 Caliber 

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This Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle is made using high-quality materials that offer you a long-lived performance. It has a two-stage independently adjustable Custom Action Trigger (CAT) and can shoot a .22 projectile at a velocity of up to 800 fps with PBA Platinum pellets.

The rifle uses a pre-charged pneumatic power source (PCP) to propel pellets for easy and accurate shooting. The Gamo Urban PCP features a 10-pellet rotary clip that feeds the multi-shot mechanism with a simple stroke of the bolt, while the 11mm dovetail grooves on the receiver top offer attachment for a scope.


  • Synthetic Stock
  • Velocity- 800 feet per second (fps)
  • 10 pellet rotary clip
  • Has a built-in pressure gauge plus a quick fill port
  • High-quality materials
  • PCP Pre-charged pneumatic cylinder
  • Multishot mechanism
  • Hammer forged rifled barrel
  • Custom Action Trigger (CAT)

Gamo WildCat Whisper Air Rifles 

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The Gamo WildCat Whisper pellet rifle uses the Inert Gas Technology. This refers to a gas piston that replaces the spring to deliver more terminal velocity, less vibration, more consistent power, and a constant and smooth cocking effort. It ensures a longer lifespan than the traditional spring powered airguns. The rifle comes with a 4×32 shockproof scope with mounts and features noise dampening technology.

Gamo Wildcat Whisper air rifle can shoot up to 1300 fps using Gamo PBA Platinum pellets. It also features an ambidextrous all-weather stock with a rubber recoil pad.


  • Lightweight design
  • Automatic cocking safety system
  • 177 Cal pellet single cocking break barrel
  • Fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel
  • Manual trigger safety
  • Gamo trigger with an adjustable second stage
  • Comes with a 4 x 32 shockproof scope

Gamo Swarm Magnum, Multi-Shot Air Rifle 

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Gamo Swarm Magnum, Multi-Shot Air Rifle features 10X Quick-Shot technology that uses a 10-round rotary-style magazine, allowing faster loading for repetitive shooting. This rifle can shoot up to 1300 fps with PBA Platinum pellets. It has Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR), a two-piece aluminum construction rail separated by dual polymer struts to absorb the shockwaves generated by the recoil.

The rifle features Magnum’s Custom Action Trigger (CAT) with two screws that allow you to independently adjust the 1st and 2nd stages of the trigger to your preference, while the Inert Gas Technology (IGT) Mach 1 version delivers extra power while maintaining steady and consistent power, increasing accuracy and durability with less vibration.


  • An all-weather synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock
  • 10X Quick-Shot
  • Whisper Fusion noise-suppressing technology
  • Single cocking break barrel
  • 3-9×40 Shockproof and Fog proof scope included
  • Weight: 6.88lb
  • Cocking effort: 41 lbs.
  • 1300 fps in .22 Cal
  • Length: 49.2inches
  • Length of pull: 15in

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 6110063254 Air Rifle ( .177 Caliber, .22 Caliber)

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The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 comes with IGT Mach 1 gas piston technology and Whisper Fusion technology from Gamo. These two technologies make the rifle quiet, powerful, and very accurate. It can shoot a pellet at a velocity up to 1420 fps enabled by the larger 33 mm cylinder. The air rifle features a Gamo 3-9×40 scope and a synthetic stock with a comfortable, ambidextrous cheekpiece.

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 also features the Custom Action Trigger (CAT) which allows you to independently adjust the 1st and 2nd stage according to your preference. The Recoiled Reducing Rail (RRR) absorbs recoil-reducing the stress on the scope by almost 100%.


  • Velocity: 1420 fps with PBA Platinum (.177cal)
  • 1020 fps with PBA Platinum (.22cal)
  • 3-9×40 scope with RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail)
  • CAT (Custom Action Trigger)
  • RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail)
  • Pellet single cocking break barrel
  • Whisper Fusion technology
  • Powerful, quiet, and accurate
  • IGT MACH 1 gas piston for higher muzzle velocity
  • Comfortable all-weather synthetic ambidextrous stock
  • Weight: 8.00 lbs.
  • Length: 46.5 in
  • Trigger Pull: 3.74 lbs.
  • Barrel Length: 18 in

Magnum Air Rifle 

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Being among the most powerful break barrels in the market, this Gamo Magnum air rifle can deliver velocities up to 1,650 feet per second (fps) in .177 cal and 1,300 fps in .22 Cal. thanks to the MACH 1 gas piston and the 33 mm cylinder. It features the Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR) that absorbs recoil and reduces the stress on the scope by almost 100%. The SWA has removable 3 rubber inserts that help absorb the recoil, while the all-weather synthetic thumbhole stock has a comfortable, ambidextrous cheekpiece.

The rifle has a premium metal rifled barrel and the Custom Action Trigger (CAT), a two-stage adjustable trigger that offers improved accuracy by providing a crisp, clean and smooth trigger pull. It allows you to conveniently adjust the first and second stage of the trigger independently. The rifle offers better accuracy, constant power, and reduced stock vibration during the shot cycle making it a great addition to any shooter’s collection.


  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Trigger pull: 3.2 pounds
  • Includes a 3-9×40 with adjustable objective scope (AO)
  • A comfortable all-weather synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock
  • Weight: 6.88 lbs.
  • Length: 49.2 inches
  • Barrel Length: 21.3
  • Locking Effort: 41 lbs.
  • CAT (Custom Action Trigger)
  • 1st and 2nd stages independent adjustments

Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X Gen2 Multi-Shot Air Rifle 

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This Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X is a gas-piston 10-shot repeater break-barrel air rifle. It can shoot at velocities of up to 1300fps and 975fps for .177 caliber and .22 caliber respectfully. The air rifle as one of the best Gamo Air rifle comes with the Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR), a patent-pending technology from Gamo: two-piece aluminum construction rail separated by dual polymer struts to absorb the shock waves generated by the recoil reducing shock by 100%. It also has the Custom Action Trigger (CAT) allowing you to adjust the 1st and 2nd stages to your preference.

The Gamo 10x features Whisper Fusion technology which incorporates a double integrated sound moderator to make it the quietest Gamo air rifle. In this technology, the pellet travels through two different chambers, compressing and preventing the noise expansion.


  • Whisper Fusion sound dampening
  • SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) recoil pad
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Action IGT (Inert Gas Technology) 10X Gen 2 Quick-Shot system
  • Fiber optic front and rear sights
  • Patented polymer jacketed steel barrel
  • 11mm dovetail scope rail
  • 3-9×40 shockproof and fog proof scope included
  • Automotive-grade, glass-filled nylon, all-weather stock
  • Manual safety
  • Energy: 17.8 Foot Pounds
  • Muzzle velocity 1300 FPS
  • Length of Pull 15 Inches
  • Weight: 5.78
  • Total Length: 45.7 Inches
  • Barrel Length: 20.5 Inches
  • Cocking Effort 30 Pounds

Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle  

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The Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 gives you the freedom to shoot with confidence with easy reloading. It can shoot up to 1000 fps with alloy .22caliber pellets and 1300fps with .177 caliber pellets. The break barrel air rifle enhances the hunt with extra magazine storage built right into the grip.

The rifle features the patent-pending 10X GEN 2 Technology which offers smooth operation and improved accuracy for an unbeaten shooting experience. It also features Whisper Maxxim noise-reducing technology and CAT that allows you to adjust 1st and 2nd stages as preferred.


  • IGT gas piston
  • 10X GEN 2 rapid reload technology
  • Includes Gamo 3-9×40 Scope with Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR)
  • CAT (Custom Action Trigger) two-stage adjustable.
  • Length of Pull 15 Inches
  • Energy: 17.8 Foot Pounds
  • Cocking Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Trigger Pull 3.2/2.6 Pounds
  • 1,000 FPS with alloy .22 Cal. pellets
  • Rapid Reload 10 Shot Technology Break Barrel Air Rifle
  • Revolutionary horizontal magazine integration
  • 10 shot Magazine
  • Whisper Maxxim noise dampening technology

Gamo Swarm Whisper, Multi-Shot Air Rifle 

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Gamo Swarm Whisper as one of the best Gamo air rifles is among the most budget-friendly air rifles in the market. It features whisper sound-dampening technology, an IGT gas piston power plant, and a 10X Quick-Shot System enabling you to make consistent shots after shots in the quietest way possible.

The air rifle can shoot at velocities up to 1300 feet per second for caliber: 0.177. It is ideal for plinking, pest control, and other shooting activities.


  • 10X Quick Shot System
  • velocity: 1300.00 ft/sec for.177cal
  • velocity: 975.00 ft/sec for .22 cal
  • Patented polymer jacketed steel barrel
  • 2-stage adjustable Smooth Action Trigger (SAT)
  • Whisper sound-dampening technology
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Automotive-grade, glass-filled nylon, all-weather stock
  • Manual safety
  • IGT gas piston power plant
  • Gamo Standard Trigger
  • Gamo scope rail

Why Gamo Air Rifles?

I would pick Gamo rifles any day over a number of other air rifles in the market for various reasons:

  1. User-friendly – The CAT technology used in Gamo rifles allows you to adjust between 1st and 2nd stages to your preference. Some Gamo air rifles are improved to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed individuals.
  2. Affordable – because you do not want to use all your savings on an air rifle, Gamo rifles offer you quality for your money by the best features in the market.
  3. Accuracy – precision and accuracy is another thing that makes these rifles stand out. Most come with an attached rifle to help you easily acquire a target that is unreachable or hard to see.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Gamo Air Rifles

Ammunition – ammunition is expensive and the price keeps going higher. The use of pellets in Gamo rifles helps to save some extra money that would be used in purchasing ammo.

Durability – Gamo air rifles are made from good quality material with waterproofing and shockproof features for increased durability.

Precision and Power – the velocity of your pellet gun translates to how fast a pellet is propelled after firing. This is important especially if you are going for competition or target shooting.


Gamo air rifles have maintained their top position in the market as a result of their good quality and long-lasting performance. Make sure you have an air rifle that meets your needs without having to worry about your expenses on it.

Mathew R Reed

Mathew R Reed is a professional gun seller who runs a dedicated gun store in the suburbs of Oakland, CA. A hardcore hunting enthusiast since childhood, Reed has ample experience with guns and accessories. He is the founder of and creates some of the most helpful gun-buying guides and explainers. If not in the gun shop, you can find him on the nearest hiking trail or nearby hunting spot.